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In 2018, during the Men FIFA WORLCUP Claire created a feminine 1998 couture jersey piece from an orginial french soccer jersey shirt to show the empowerment of women in soccer and the importance of souvenirs in her life. The couture Jersey has been exhibited in FIFA Museum in Zurich


Claire Dartigues launches the #FOOTBALLFORWOMEN project in 2019 with a line of polo couture to support the feminization of collective sports. The collection has been exhibited at the FIFA MUSEUM in Zurich and Impact x Who's Next in Paris. 


Claire Dartigues creates a 3-1 reversible cape, convertible into a bag, made in an artisan way with the ends of rolls of fabrics of luxury French brands or sail canvas in collaboration with Vent de Voyage. 


Claire Dartigues Artwear Coat made from up-cycling sail-canvas and furniture fabrics. One of her favorite piece she made. Inspired by the balance between sea and earth, she wanted to give couture and poesy to the sailing coat shape. 


Claire Dartigues won the Redress Design Alumni Award in September 2018 in Hong Kong for the collection Heritage made from up-cycling fabrics and family hand made sheets. The collection has been sold in NY, Paris and Hong Kong. 


Claire was selected among ten worldwide finalists for the Eco Chic Award Competition to showcase her next collection: “Ô Pure” during Hong Kong Fashion Week last September (year). 

The collection was made using recycled fabrics and reconstructed white trader’s shirts dyed with natural products such as French wine or teas in order to denounce the massive pollution caused by the fast fashion industry in rivers all over the world. 

In 2017, Claire showed her first collection: NYC BY NIGHT during The Collective x Designow Fashion Show in New-York. The collection was made using recycled fabrics from French couture brands exclusively. She also received a rising star award from Runway the Real Way, an organization fighting for diversity and sustainability in the fashion industry 


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