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Claire Dartigues , uses drawing and painting to express her creativity in a lifestyle that resembles her,

colorful, intellectualized, energetic, sensitive.

You will find his art on everyday products, on posters and cards but also on clothes with this underlying reflection. 

Can art be worn? For Claire Dartigues, it's a YES.

Claire Dartigues exhibited at Galerie Bellechasse in Paris in 2019,

and at Carré d'Artiste Soho in 2018, in New York.


Photo credit: Axel Roumy 

art, textile  and poetry 

Claire Dartigues through the FOLIE POETIQUE project uses fabric as an artistic medium.

There is always a notion of heritage and transmission in the work of Claire Dartigues that we find here. Inspired by the collection of poems Paroles de Jacques Prévert  recounting a Parisian life that brings her back to her memories and her family, calligrams by Apollinaire, the DADA movement that he has always fascinated her with, primary colors of iconic painters, she paints on old sheets hand-woven by her backs grandmothers using music as an engine of expression.


poetic madness

Prep Folie Poetiques.jpg

The heritage and meaning of these pieces are also told by the embroiderer artist GIS È LE, in close collaboration with Claire Dartigues. The threads of primary colors used on some of the pieces, highlight lines, underline words and sublimate a creative act.  

These mixtures of universes make us travel between the past and the present to bring us to rethink the use of art and clothing in our everyday life.

Can art be worn?


Collaboration with the Brazilian shoe brand DOTZ, Unique model "Le Cancre".


Folie Poétique was exhibited at the Galerie Bellechasse,

55 rue de Bellechasse, in Paris in 2019. 

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To draw, produce, reinvent, transform  while respecting the environment and people. 



To collaborate on writing and directing videos, clips

or collaborate on an IMAGINE. 



To call on a couture - art - sport music performance for one of your projects or events. 

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