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covid19 - MASK


As an independent design studio and in addition to our solidarity commitment in the production of masks on an industrial scale, we wanted to create a link between our expertise in creative transformation and current issues.


In the artistic continuity of our line of couture polo shirts and our mantra “RESPECT ALL, FEAR NONE”, we have thus decided to launch the Claire Dartigues couture and technique mask.

from material to use

Initially created to support the emancipation of women and the freedom of the body, in particular in sport, the line thus expands with the couture mask by combining ethics, aesthetics and utility. Symbol of protection and also of breathing, this mask is the image of what design and art give us, confidence and freedom.


In accordance with AFNOR rules and IFTH material recommendations, the tailoring mask is made entirely by hand from the materials in stock for the seamed polo shirts. We currently favor making masks over polo shirts, with our French technical materials 100% Polyester for 130g / m2 exteriors, to which is added a 100% Polypropylene filter for the interior.


The wide elastic which passes at the level of the neck provides the necessary support and avoids the discomfort caused by the thin elastics. The mask, which can be worn for up to 4 consecutive hours, is reusable and is washed following a precise protocol.

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This mask is thus the result of a reflection linking regulatory constraints, constraints of use and aesthetic research, in alignment with our spirit of creative design.

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To draw, produce, reinvent, transform  while respecting the environment and people. 



To collaborate on writing and directing videos, clips

or collaborate on an IMAGINE. 



To call on a couture - art - sport music performance for one of your projects or events. 

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