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Beyond the line

In IMAGINE "ON ICE" Claire Dartigues invites you to travel in her imagination, an encounter with the world of figure skating, embodied by Adrien Tesson.


They go together, retrace the lines of the imagination that we have of skating and sewing, like a wind of modernity that we gently blow on a precious common heritage. Beyond the performance, it is also a poetic questioning of the balance and the meaning of life in this pandemic.  

“The meaning of our life like a line on the ice, which can change direction at any time. This lifeline to which we are attached, all mapped out… When is it? Move the lines, stick to a thread, leave a trace,… the obsession with a linear existence… with a notion of time. Can we see it differently? "


Claire explains in the video.  

Claire Dartigues is surrounded for this project by the production company Stage Motion of Maxime Combès and Doriane Cabaret. Since 2015, Stagemotion has been innovating and offering a new vision of the ice cream trades and on ice events (Plaza Athénée, the Restaurant Polpo, the event  “Off-Piste” on the Bateaux Mouches ...) and wants to shake up existing codes and modernize the skating and black-skating sector in France and internationally.  

Photo credits: Axel Roumy



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To draw, produce, reinvent, transform  while respecting the environment and people. 



To collaborate on writing and directing videos, clips

or collaborate on an IMAGINE. 



To call on a couture - art - sport music performance for one of your projects or events. 

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