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"It is born from encounters out of time, out of codes, that only souls can understand"


In the next realization of IMAGINE IN THE MOUNTAIN, Claire takes you on a journey through her imagination. An imagination at the crossroads between earth and sky, marked by the meeting of an extraordinary messenger and his team.


Together, they will gain height to address the universe.  


A poetic, artistic and sporting performance, with the presence of René Duc , incredible musher located at the Col des Aravis and his team of sled dogs.

Mushing and couture, two passions that come together to offer us a new vision of fashion.  


Claire made all the outfits in the video by hand, using upcycled pieces and technical sports fabrics.  


"I imagine creating a piece for him in part

ant of the existing. I imagine the meeting between the skin and the fabric, and the old, and the new. I imagine that by starting from one, I can have several, and by wearing these pieces, we will embody hope. "


Through these creations, Claire talks to us and tells us what she imagines for the future of humanity.  To transmit her messages, she chooses to write on the bandanas made on site for the team, and to elect each dog as the messenger of the universe.


Together, they will try to carry it beyond the clouds.  


I imagine that together, we could be messengers of hope, courage, freedom, joy, respect, resilience, sharing. I imagine that through this meeting, everyone would have a role to play and that through our interactions, our desires, we could together deliver our message. "


Photo credit: Axel Roumy



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To draw, produce, reinvent, transform  while respecting the environment and people. 



To collaborate on writing and directing videos, clips

or collaborate on an IMAGINE. 



To call on a couture - art - sport music performance for one of your projects or events. 

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