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Modular cape-bag

Clutch, Bag, Cape, Hood ... all in one product!


The idea of a cape that could be transformed into a bag came to Claire when she lived in New York in 2017.


The concept was to be able to quickly transform your tote bag into a cape to adapt to temperature changes between outdoors and air-conditioned places.


Claire developed her first prototypes using offcuts of tweed from major French fashion houses.

Photo credit: Axel Roumy

transformable and reversible

The Cape - bag was designed by Claire to be transformable and reversible in order to have a single product and be able to use it in multiple ways, always in a responsible and useful consumption approach.  

To do this, Claire had made-to-measure double-slider zippers developed so that the transformation from the cape to the bag and from the pouch to the hood is quick and easy.  

Design and concept protected, registered with the INPI.  




For the over-cycled boat sail version, Claire calls on the Vent de Voyage brand, which specializes in transforming sails into bags and in-house furniture.  

They will jointly develop a version in sailboat and reversible linen. The capes will be made in Saint Malo in the Vent de Voyage workshop.  

The 4-in-1 will see its improved version with an end shoulder strap for the bag version and large interior pockets.


The collection will be distributed in Vent de voyage boutiques and in the Kapok concept store in Hong Kong.  



Claire Dartigues and Vent de Voyage have proposed  it was up to artist Tom Nelson to use linen as a canvas to paint versions of the Convertible Cape Bag. He will thus paint lines of words inspired by life by the sea.