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For the release of the new collection

ELLE Eyewear glasses,

 Claire Dartigues studio

developed and produced with

our partner Mode Estime

  10,000 Made in France cases .

from material to use

Since its creation in 1945, ELLE has delivered to women around the world a discourse that is both positive and engaged while providing them with the keys to flourish in a world in perpetual change.
Standard bearer for their emancipation, ELLE listens to them and accompanies them on a daily basis in their journey towards a strong and independent life.
ELLE Made in France is a collection told by women, for women, through high quality French frames.

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from design to production

Claire Dartigues worked closely with Mode Estime for development and support in all stages of the production process.



L'Atelier - Mode Estime is an integration workshop located in Seine-Saint-Denis using textile design and sewing for the purpose of valuing people and professional integration. 

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To draw, produce, reinvent, transform  while respecting the environment and people. 



To collaborate on writing and directing videos, clips

or collaborate on an IMAGINE. 



To call on a couture - art - sport music performance for one of your projects or events. 

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