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Claire Dartigues , uses drawing and painting to express her creativity in a lifestyle that resembles her,

colorful, intellectualized, energetic, sensitive.

You will find his art on everyday products, on posters and cards but also on clothes with this underlying reflection. 

Can art be worn? For Claire Dartigues, it's a YES.

Claire Dartigues exhibited at Galerie Bellechasse in Paris in 2019,

and at Carré d'Artiste Soho in 2018, in New York. 

the story of the encounter 

For the IMAGINE LA RENCONTRE project - Claire imagines an encounter between two people through everyday objects.


The beginnings of the meeting with the large Cabas, the birth of feelings with the emotional notebook, the creation of memories with the "and you, what do you imagine?" followed by matches of sparks and the towel of reunion ...  



"We all deserve a special encounter "

Claire Dartigues leads us to rethink our most beautiful encounters and to imagine the following ones. She invited people to witness the encounters that marked their lives. Claire illustrates their stories through her cartoons. 

"IMAGINE THE MEETING - COUD DE LIGHTNING 2.0 In this new video I went to meet Katia, for whom I illustrated her magical meeting with Mathis, a love at first sight 2.0 not to be missed!"

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To design, produce, reinvent, transform  respecting the environment and people.