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Sport, fashion and ethic: 3-in-1 brands


Few days ago, we dreamed of a sustainable fashion, an ethical one, outside gender, outside codes and outside waistlines.

Given that the sporty and fashionable look, can we now dream of free and sustainable sportswear fashion?

Make your brand an ecological commitment

Sports brands are trying to look beyond clothing design. For Patagonia, it is a real struggle to offer the most ethical products possible for the sake of biodiversity. An activist brand, Patagonia has supported the search for solutions to the environmental crisis for 40 years.

In 2002, the founder Yvon Chouinard created a non-profit organization "1% for the Planet". Each brand, including Patagonia, committing itself in this organization, must dedicate 1% of its turnover to the protection and preservation of the environment. Since the beginning, more than € 175 million have been devoted to associations working to find solutions to environmental problems.

In 2019, Patagonia founded a meeting platform for activists: Patagonia Action Works. Even if it is easy to doubt the commitment of brands when it comes to CSR, concerning Patagonia and its actions, it is easy to verify their veracity. For example, he is 3 years old, on the occasion of the strike for the customer from September 20 to 27, 2019, Patagonia chose to provide its support by closing its online store and physical stores, in order to encourage its employees to participate in the strike.

The very essence of Patagonia is its activism, and consumers know it.

By consuming Patagonia, it is part of their commitment that they regain.

Innovation serving the environment

Other brands have made it their mission to revolutionize their sector to make things happen.

Take the example of Gore-Tex. Gore-Tex is a company whose vocation is to improve the outdoor sports products of other brands, thanks to their technology. The patented Gore-Tex technology consists of "a membrane impermeable to water but allowing the passage of vapor". Their vision of innovation is simple "a new product that is stronger and more durable than the others has a benefit for both the consumer and the environment". The management of Gore-Tex factories resides under a sustainable policy, according to the Bluesign standard.

Ice Breaker, another brand, same fight: that of innovation in the service of biodiversity.

IceBreaker, the outdoor clothing brand in merino wool. The first principle of the brand is the following: to design clothes that have meaning, through the seasons, through the trends. The bases are defined, IceBreaker offers what they can do best, quite simply. On the commitment side, the outdoor clothing brand must defend the environment. Its innovation lies in a natural performance, that of merino wool, the brand must preserve this nature. On the innovation side, IceBreaker wants to be the first brand to design from a layering system using natural layers. Created in 1995, the brand is constantly innovating, and in 2013, it developed "a natural alternative to the down jacket" that does not require the killing of ducks. "A solution obtained from merino fibers, called MerinoLOFT ™".

Studio Claire Dartigues offers you a selection of other brands that are committed to free and sustainable fashion:


Lolë, a brand of indoor sports clothing made from technical fabrics and recycled materials. The brand creates timeless collections to go against fast fashion.


DanceFiber carries nature in its DNA. Since 2016, the brand has been committed to designing 100% natural products, made from organic cotton and merino wool (which you now know very well). All the materials used are GOTS certified, a label guaranteeing the organic origin of the materials.


Caur, is a sportswear brand, known as "Athleisure", sports clothes that you can wear at any time of the day. Caur advocates durable, high-performance products made from 100% recycled materials. Each garment is designed in eco-certified European factories. The icing on the cake, like Patagonia, the brand is part of the "1% for the Planet" movement, that is to say it undertakes to donate 1% of its turnover to the preservation of the planet.

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